Free Stock Footage & Motion Graphics

Videvo is the home of completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics for any project!

Videvo offers completely free stock video footage and motion graphics for use in any project. Their no strings attached approach has helped them grow to be one of the most reputable sources for free footage anywhere on the web. They are a small team based in Oxford, UK, dedicated to producing and sourcing some of the best free video footage the web has to offer. Founded by Tom Limb in 2012, Videvo has grown steadily to a point where they can now say (with some degree of certainty), that they are the largest online resource dedicated to free HD stock footage and motion graphics. The site continues to grow steadily, which is allowing us to dedicate more resources to adding fresh new content, as well as making improvements to the overall user experience. With this in mind, if you enjoy the site please share us with whoever you think could benefit from knowing about what we do. By increasing their user-base, it allows them to reinvest in new free footage, free motion graphics and site upgrades – so with a simple share, you can help Videvo grow.


3 reasons why you’ll love videvo

100% Free footage:  Videvo is one of the few websites out there that offer nothing but 100% completely free stock footage and motion graphics. They source quality video clips from all over the world, either produced by their dedicated team of freelancers or uploaded by generous users. You can use our free stock footage clips in any project, commercial or non-commercial on a royalty-free basis, and with no complicated licensing. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best – creating awesome videos.

Simple Licensing:  Simple, hassle-free licensing is what we’re all about. We license our video clips in on of two ways: our very own Videvo Standard License, or the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

New Clips Ever Week:  Videvo is committed to bringing you fresh new video clips every week, in full HD quality, and available to download for free (as always). The UK based team work continuously behind the scenes, filming, animating and editing to provide you with a great selection free footage files and motion graphics. As well the Videvo team uploading clips, many of their members have donated their own clips, and now you can too. Once logged in, you can use our upload feature to select the video clips you want to upload, add meta information and select the license you want. Not only will you be helping others with their own projects, but you’ll also be making a valuable contribution to the future growth of Videvo, and we will love you for it!