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If you freelance, chances are you have to work to get work. Some people choose to contract freelancers using a per-project approach, while others are hired hourly for an estimated amount of time. No matter the case, finding work is crucial to surviving as a freelancer. This post is a list of the best places to find WordPress jobs for freelancers anywhere.

Jobs available can range anywhere to full-time to part-time to simply. The goal is to meet your contractor half way by providing a fair agreement to parties.

Smashing Jobs



With over 4 million monthly users, you can bet that Smashing Magazine’s job board will be buzzing with activity. Their job listings can be filtered by full-time and freelance, with a handful of categories dealing with design, development and more.

Potential job winners get direct contact with the job poster.



Apart from nearly any other type of listing, Craigslist offers a great resource for those looking for freelance work. While it’s true there are some scammers and some odd looking entries, a lot of success can be won by working to find the right jobs. There are plenty of filters to introduce to your search, such as telecommuting based jobs, which doesn’t limit your freelance work to your given location.

Authentic Jobs


Authentic Jobs is a real winner in the job listing world. Jobs are offered from all parts of the world pertaining to development whether its front-end or backend, UI Design, or anything in between. Filters can be set to include full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, moonlighting, and internship based roles, all with remote capabilities.

Many top companies in the world turn to Authentic jobs to find new hires. Apple, Skype, Facebook, HBO, msnbc, and more use Authentic Jobs to power their company.



LinkedIn offers jobs tailor-fit to your current job role. You can search for different types of jobs on a keyword basis which outputs jobs in many parts of the world. Most are full-time jobs, but sometimes a freelance job sneaks through.


Behance, since becoming acquired by Adobe, has become a great resource for art and jobs of any type. After creating an account, users can upload their design work as well as apply to jobs on the Behance job list.

Users can filter by location as well as their job type. Some fields include:

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • UI/UX

Some jobs are on location while other jobs can be performed from anywhere.



Coroflot has it’s own job board similar to Smashing Magazine’s. Users can narrow their search by keyword, location, specialty, and job level.

Jobs range from designers to developers to assistants.

Dribbble Jobs


Dribbble is mostly known as a great place to post work for designers of any type. The introduction of a job board has transformed Dribbble into a resource for many freelancers designer. Their job board contains a lot of big name companies. Users can filter based on all the current jobs listed, the remote based jobs listed, and jobs pertaining to teams looking for employees.


If you’re sticking to only WordPress, then is a valuable resource for you.

Jobs range from design to development to plugin development. Freelancers can apply from virtually anywhere if it’s the right fit. The current openings divide the type of jobs available based on their position type. If you like you can use an RSS reader to view the job list, giving you quick access to its daily updates.

WP Hired


WP Hired is a job board specifically for WordPress enthusiasts. Users can filter jobs by freelance, part-time, internship, and temporary positions.

Each job has a description and an apply link which makes the experience user friendly and ultimately less time consuming when you are applying for more than one position.

Use an RSS reader or twitter to get instant updates of new job listings.



Krop is geared towards the creative professional. If you design for WordPress, you can likely find a position on Krop. Lately there have been a lot of recruiters posting on Krop, which isn’t a bad thing, but if you are looking to be self employed you’ll want to find job postings from the employer itself rather than a third party.

We Work Remotely


We Work Remotely is a job board put together by the team at 37 Signals (also now known as Basecamp). The job board is meant solely for Remote based positions and it’s part of the requirements when employers decide to post a job. Jobs range from programming, design, to writing.

Telecommuter Jobs


Before we mentioned craigslist as a great resource for freelance jobs, but there are a lot of settings and filters you need to apply (as well as countless pages to visit if you are looking in specific areas for employment). Telecommuter jobs takes that experience and refines it by collecting telecommuting-based positions from anywhere for any type of job. The site simply does a lot of the work for you rather than having to navigate through the maze of Craigslist.

Tuts+ Jobs


Tuts+ Jobs advertises full time, part time and casual employment opportunities from all over the world. They believe finding a job should be easy, so there’s no need to sign up and no fees for applicants.

Simply Hired


As a basic search is to Google, a job search is to Simply Hired. Input the job title, skills, or the company you are looking for (as well as a location if you wish), and click “Search”. The rest is history. Jobs in nearly any industry can be searched here.



ODesk is built around freelancers from all over the world. The job board is for both those looking for freelancers and freelancers looking for work. Freelancers have many categories they can post towards which include:

  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Development/Programming
  • SEO
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Data Management
  • Task Management
  • Software Architecture

ODesk is a very vast network, so competition is pretty fierce. Budgets tend to be on the small side, but if you can get multiple projects going you can find yourself in a good spot.

freelancer is a network extremely similar to ODesk. There are a lot of projects, but most have small budgets. If you are looking to develop your skill set and make a little extra cash, then this is a great way to start. As you progress, you can get into bigger and better projects across the different job boards we’ve mentioned.


Job boards are becoming a popular place, if not the dominant place, to find work. More employers are contracting freelancers for work than ever before. With a constant shift forward in technology, people from anywhere in the world can connect instantly to work together on different projects. Hopefully with the resources above your search for more freelance-based work will end in success.