creative-cloud ONLINE: Wed, Oct 9, 3–5pm ET


The Creative Cloud is the future of Adobe’s apps. CS6 was the last Creative Suite. There will not be a CS7. The new updates to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. are all in the Creative Cloud. These new CC (Creative Cloud) versions offer new features that we’ll show you in this seminar. But the Creative Cloud isn’t just about new features to the apps you know, it also includes new services you might not even realize. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover in this free seminar:

What is the Creative Cloud?

  • What’s included with the Creative Cloud
  • How the Creative Cloud differs from the Creative Suite
  • Pricing
  • Do you need to be online to use it?

New Creative Cloud Services You May Not Know About, But Should!


  • Better Rounded Rectangles
  • System Anti-Aliased Type
  • Remove Blurs from Camera Shake
  • Smart Sharpen Improvements
  • Better Image Resizing
  • Adobe Camera Raw as a Filter
  • Camera Raw Enhancements:
    • Improved Spot Removal
    • Upright Modes


  • New Touch Type Tool
  • Multiple File Place (like InDesign)
  • Better Handling of Linked Files:
    • Package Files (like InDesign)
    • Unembed Images
    • Improved Links Panel
  • Generate and Extract CSS Code
  • Search Colors and Swatches
  • Search Fonts
  • Better Guides (numeric positioning)


  • Search Fonts and Save Favorites
  • Enhanced New Document Dialog (with Live Preview)
  • ePub New Features & Improvements
  • QR Codes


  • CSS Designer: The Totally Redesigned CSS panel
  • Modernized Live View

This seminar is meant for people who are currently using the Creative Suite (or Creative Cloud) and what to see what’s new with Adobe’s apps. If you you want to understand what the Creative Cloud is all about, this is the seminar for you!


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