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As both a training center and employer, Noble Desktop is in a unique position to tell you what works and does not work when looking for computer graphics employment. There are a few rules that most graphic designers and production people should follow, though 90% of them do not!

We have also been in touch with employment agencies, and we know the skills that are in demand right now. Did you know that if you can animate in Flash, there is plenty of work for you? Did you know that Keynote is a great skill to have?

Here is some topics we will cover:

  • Resumé dos and don’ts
  • What is in demand right now?
  • Strategies for improving your computer graphic skills
  • Strategies for developing and building an online portfolio
  • Examples of good online portfolios
  • Strategies for getting freelance work
  • Strategies for getting fulltime work
  • Places to look for jobs

This seminar is designed to enlighten you, inspire you, and give you solid strategies for gaining employment. We want our students to succeed!


New York City seminars are held at:
594 Broadway, Suite 1202 (between Prince & Houston) Map

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