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Ease the transition from Flash to HTML5.

js1As devices and platforms multiply, it’s more challenging than ever to create expressive content that can reach the widest audience possible. The Adobe® Flash® Professional Toolkit for CreateJS — a complimentary extension available for Flash Professional CS6 users — enables you to leverage the rich animation and drawing capabilities of Flash Professional while you make the transition to creating HTML5-based content.

Leverage the industry-leading tool for creating animations and interactivity

Many designers are familiar with the Flash Professional authoring environment. The Toolkit for CreateJS will enable you to leverage the core animation and illustration capabilities of Flash Professional, including vectors, bitmaps, tweens, and sounds. Version 1.2 also adds support for buttons.

Convert your library to JavaScript in one click

java2Traditionally, interactive designers have leveraged Flash Professional to create assets that target both the Flash Player and Adobe AIR® runtimes. With the Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS, you can now easily export assets and animations to JavaScript using the open source CreateJS framework. The output generates nicely formatted, readable, and editable JavaScript code. This can jump-start your ability to design highly expressive content that runs in any HTML5-compatible mobile or desktop browser.

Work with the Canvas element more easily

With the Toolkit for CreateJS, Flash Professional users will find it easier to work with the Canvas element in HTML5. For ActionScript® developers, the CreateJS framework provides a comprehensive set of JavaScript libraries — covering graphics, sound, preloading, and animation — to help you start building HTML5-based content, all within an environment that many Flash developers are already familiar with.

Leverage an efficient design-develop workflow

The Toolkit for CreateJS is designed specifically to optimize the web development workflow. After creating assets and animations in Flash Professional CS6, designers can preview them in the browser before exporting. Once developers receive the assets, they can leverage them as reusable JavaScript symbols and add interactivity using the familiar CreateJS framework.


Download the Toolkit for CreateJS
3/28/2013: Version 1.2 is now available.

A closer look

Video tutorial
Learn about the CreateJS framework and the Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS on Adobe TV.

How-to guide
Visit the CreateJS Developer Center on the Adobe Developer Connection for a series of articles that will help you get started with the CreateJS framework and Toolkit.

Updated 3/28/2013: View the FAQ to learn more about the Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS.

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